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Core body temperature is the temperature of the internal organs that the body manages through the physiological processes of thermoregulation.  It is not a constant temp, as many people assume. It varies normally by a few degrees and can go as high as 104F during heavy exertion. High core temperature increases heart rate and puts a strain on the cardiovascular system, leading to decreased aerobic performance. In the extreme, elevated core temp leads to heat related illness and risk of serious injury or death. There are many valuable uses for continuous core body temperature monitoring.


Infection and disease detection.  Monitoring sleep cycles and biorhythms.

Athletic Performance

Performance monitoring, training and safety. 

Occupational Safety

Heat illness detection.  For professions such as firefighters and soldiers. 

Current Clinical Standard | Invasive


Where is the Wearable for Measuring Core Body Temperature? 

Currently there is no non-invasive, wearable, wireless device that can continuously and accurately measure core body temperature in a variety of conditions. This is because the clinical standard for measuring core temperature is via rectal probes - not conducive to physical activity. 


gaugewear Technology | Non-Invasive

Non-Invasive Solution - gaugewear

With patented technology using radiometric thermometry, gaugewear is creating a wearable, non-invasive, core body temperature sensor. Radiometric thermometry determines temperature by passively measuring the electromagnetic waves emitted by the body. We can measure the radio waves emitted from inside the body to determine temperature several centimeters below the surface.

This could be a game changer.
— Dr Inigo San Millan

Measuring the Waves

All matter emits energy called thermal, or black body, radiation. That radiation follows a precise distribution that is defined by temperature. This is the same radiation measured by infrared thermometry that most people are familiar with. The difference in radiometry is in the frequency of operation. Infrared waves do not pass through the body, so they can only be used to measure surface temperature. By measuring the thermal radiation in the microwave band with an antenna on the skin, we can detect the signal from inside the body to determine temperature several centimeters below the surface. gaugewear’s proprietary technology allows accurate measurement through multiple tissue layers in a small form factor. 

The Team

             Jeff Wallingford, Founder & CEO

             Jeff Wallingford, Founder & CEO

Dr. Zoya Popovic, PhD, Principal Technical Advisor

Dr. Zoya Popovic, PhD, Principal Technical Advisor

Jeff has a 20+ year career developing and manufacturing consumer and electronic products. He has held executive roles in general management at Flextronics and Crocs, with P&L responsibility for global business units as large as $1.5B. His background includes consulting and interim C-level roles in multiple start-ups. Jeff has an appointment as an Executive in Residence at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. He holds a BSME from the University of Texas at Austin, an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Dr. Zoya Popović is a Distinguished Professor and the Hudson Moore Jr. Endowed Chair in the Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. Since 1990, Dr. Popović has advised the Microwave & RF Research Group at the University of Colorado. Dr. Popović received her Dipl. Ing. degree from the University of Belgrade and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Caltech. She is the recipient of numerous honors, including being named a White House NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, a two-time winner of the IEEE Microwave Prize, and numerous teaching awards. 


The Advisors

Chuck Hodges, MSEE

Contractor: CEO Zebulon Solutions, 25 years engineering and product launch

James Maligeorgos, MSEE

Contractor: Design Manager, Silicon Labs, 13 years mixed RF/IC design


Kevin Callahan

Advisor: Co-Founder, MapMyFitness

Dr. Inigo San Millan, Phd Director of the Human Performance Lab, University of Colorado

Dr. Inigo San Millan, Phd

Director of the Human Performance Lab, University of Colorado

Dr. Paul Zei, MD Clinical Professor and Director, Electrocardiography and Stress Lab, Stanford School of Medicine

Dr. Paul Zei, MD

Clinical Professor and Director, Electrocardiography and Stress Lab, Stanford School of Medicine

Jonathan Harris Advisor: SVP, Intergalactic Sales, GoPro


The Company 

Headquartered in Boulder CO, gaugewear, inc is a seed stage start-up commercializing wearable sensors based on research from the University of Colorado Boulder. Independent analysts estimate the market for health and fitness wearables will approach $15B by 2020, and the global thermometry market will exceed $6B. Using unique, patented technology, gaugewear is providing new wearable sensors to address these markets. Sensors in development include core body temperature and a fabric-based input gesture sensor. 


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